Auto Accident Lawyer

Injuries take on many forms and can happen to anybody. When you’re injured, it may feel as if your life has been thrown upside down. Medical bills start piling up, and your injury may force you out of work for a period. Most of all, the injury was not due to your fault or negligence. At Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, we are here to help you make a personal injury claim to gain the compensation that you deserve.  

Auto Accidents 

From workplace injuries to auto accidents, we are standing by ready to help you to obtain the best outcome possible. Suffering an injury in an auto accident can be financially devastating. The medical bills will be substantial, particularly when your health insurance provider refuses to pay. Household bills are missed due to lost wages caused by the injury, and there is lost sleep due to chronic pain. On top of all the financial burdens, you miss out on valuable time with your family. 

We prefer to become involved in auto accident cases as soon as possible. There can be crucial evidence that needs to be preserved, and we know how to take care of it. The property damage claim is often daunting for people not accustomed to fighting insurance companies, but we can handle this, too. Complicated insurance laws dictate how much an injured person can receive under insurance policies, as well. That’s where the help of an experienced personal injury attorney is most useful.

Hiring Tim Bradford and the Bradford Law Offices, PLLC  team allows you to focus on getting well as quickly as possible. Let us work on getting your medical bills and lost wages paid for by the insurance company. We will fight to get you compensation for the pain and suffering the injury has caused. 

As a vastly experienced auto accident law firm, we know all the tricks of the trade to ensure you get everything that you deserve. No matter how severe the injury, we’ll be by your side immediately after the accident to get everything for you. 

Severe Workplace Injuries and Mining Injuries

As a leading workplace injury lawyer in Charleston, West Virginia, we know how proud West Virginians are of their work ethic. West Virginians are some of the most hardworking people out there. Many have very challenging jobs like coal mining. Of course, laws, regulations, and standards are set to govern workplace safety. However, many employers neglect these regulations and expose their workers to excessively dangerous situations. 

Consequently, we’ve handled a multitude of workplace injury cases in West Virginia. Common workplace injuries include slipping on wet surfaces that haven’t been cleaned, getting hit by equipment or hurt by machines, and tripping over items that haven’t been packed away. Such injuries can happen in any industry; offices, construction sites, retail stores, etc. However, as an experienced workplace injury lawyer, we’ve noticed that a lot of claims come from the mining industry. Mining is a dangerous job with hazardous conditions. Therefore, workplace injury cases happen staggeringly often. 

In most cases, you can sue your employer if you’ve been injured at work if no fault of your own caused it. Typically, worker’s compensation is in place to cover employees in these situations. However, workers’ comp does not always cover the extent of your losses. After a workplace injury, you could be out of work for months. Or, in severe cases, you may be unable to do your current job ever again. 

Workplace and Mining Deaths

Unfortunately, a high number of workplace deaths happen in West Virginia. Again, this is primarily in the mining industry, which is responsible for many horrific fatalities. Employers are sometimes guilty of putting profits over making sure dad or mom come home safe every night. They violate the rules and force their employees to work in conditions that are far too dangerous for any human being. This negligence is what causes such a high number of personal injuries, which can sadly lead to death. If your family member suffered injuries or death due to a workplace injury or mining accident, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Serious Injuries

West Virginians are known for their work ethic. We also are home to some of the most dangerous industries in the world. There are laws, regulations, and standards which govern workplace safety. Some employers intentionally violate safety regulations and expose their workers to very dangerous situations that can cause serious injury or even death.

There are circumstances in which an employee who has been seriously injured may sue their employer. Oftentimes, an employee’s workers’ compensation award does not come close to covering their lost wages or the lost function of their body.  Click here to call for a free consultation to see if you might have a right to sue your employer or another party for your workplace injury.

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