Mining Injuries

Serious Workplace and Mining Injuries


West Virginians are known for their work ethic. We also are home to some of the most dangerous industries in the world. There are laws, regulations and standards that govern workplace safety. Yet, some employers intentionally violate safety regulations and expose their workers to very dangerous situations that can cause serious injury or even death.

There are circumstances where an employee who has been seriously injured may sue their employer. Oftentimes, though, an employee?s workers? compensation award does not come close to covering their lost wages or the lost function of their body.

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Workplace and mining deaths

West Virginians are no stranger to workplace deaths.?? Our mining industry is known for horrific numbers of fatalities.? Employers sometimes put profits over making sure a dad or mom come home to their family.? Tim Bradford is experienced in fighting employers who intentionally violate safety rules.? He can fight to get justice for the death of your loved one. ?Call us now (304) 344-5700

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