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Contact Us For Your Family Law Legal needs

Family Law Attorney in Charleston West Virginia

Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, located in Charleston, West Virginia, is an established leader in divorce and family law cases. We aid our clients with legal issues such as child support, child custody, alimony, and property division. Our practice areas also include personal injury, car accident injuries, and mining injury cases. As West Virginia natives, we understand the state and federal laws and want to make sure you do, too. Divorce and child custody can be complicated processes, which is why you need a West Virginia divorce attorney that you can trust.

Using a variety of conflict resolution tactics, including mediation and complex litigation, we’ll find a solution that suits your needs. We will navigate you through the entire legal process; your case is our priority. We proudly serve clients in Charleston, Kanawha County, and throughout the state of West Virginia.

Divorce Law


Nearly every aspect of your life is touched by divorce. Whether it’s your children, assets, marital or separate debts, your life will be put under the microscope during a divorce proceeding. It’s a hard and emotional time, but that’s even more of a reason to hire an experienced divorce attorney. We have extensive experience in the divorce laws of West Virginia. We help clients throughout their entire case.

Property Division

Do you know what constitutes marital and separate property? Are you aware that your separate property can be claimed by one spouse or both? Without an attorney to guide you, property division might be distributed unfairly or illegally by the other party. For example, your spouse might attempt to give a family member money to avoid distribution by the court; our law firm can help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Division of Debt

The family court cannot extinguish your debts, but it can order a party to pay a debt. Still, there are times when debt in the name of only one party can be a marital debt. Your divorce attorney can help you determine what is a marital debt and what is a separate debt, and to understand the rules on debt distribution.

Spousal Support

You or your spouse may owe the other either temporary or permanent spousal support/alimony. Every divorce case is different and depends on the circumstances. Therefore, alimony will be determined by multiple factors. Some of these factors are the length of the marriage, the ability to earn income, age, education, and health of the party seeking support. Fault is also an issue in contested spousal support cases.

Child Support

In West Virginia, if you are the primary caregiver, you are entitled to child support payments. Typically child support is determined by a formula. With us by your side, you won’t only better understand how to apply, but you’ll also receive more information on the child support formula. This formula is used by the courts to determine how much money must be paid and by whom, and for how long.

Both parents must have fair child support orders to ensure that the funds are there to care for their child. In West Virginia, a child support order means that the majority of cases follow a child support formula. The formula sets out:

  • Who is to pay child support

  • The amount to be paid

  • When payments are to be made

  • The frequency of payments

  • When payments will end

  • Who is to receive the payments

Usually, support payments are paid by the parent who does not have primary custody of the child to the parent who does. The parent who receives the support payments is to use the money for the benefit of the child only.

Bradford Law Offices, PLLC is an experienced family law firm located in Charleston, WV, with extensive knowledge in child support cases. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation and further discuss your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston West Virginia Auto Accidents

From workplace injuries to auto accidents, we are standing by ready to help you achieve the best outcome. Far too often, victims of workplace injuries, auto, or personal injury accidents don’t seek representation. As a result, they lose thousands of dollars paying for medical bills for which other parties are liable. A personal injury attorney can assist you in proving that your injuries were not the result of your negligence.

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Tim Bradford of Bradford Law Offices, PLLC is an experienced attorney with knowledge in personal injury law, divorce law, property division, alimony, child support, and child custody in Charleston, West Virginia. Our central location allows us to regularly handle divorce and child custody cases in Putnam, Boone, Lincoln, Fayette, Jackson, Clay, Braxton, Wood, Logan, and Raleigh Counties. We can handle cases in all 55 West Virginia counties depending on our client’s needs. Tim has the knowledge to fight for you and your family to ensure the best possible outcome. Don’t wait. If you believe that you have a case that needs our attention, contact us today to schedule your evaluation and further discuss your case.

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