An Essential Guide to the Cost of Divorce and Attorney Fees

Your Most Pressing Questions – Answered!

When we go through a divorce, all sorts of thoughts can go through your mind. We particularly worry about how it will affect our finances. In this article, we look at divorce costs so that you can prepare financially for your divorce.  

The Basic Cost of Your West Virginia Divorce 

When going through a separation, it is only natural for us to worry about the cost of divorce, but what can you expect to pay?  In contested divorces, legal fees will vary depending on the case complexities. Remember, these fees are associated with representation in the divorce. They do not include any assets or income you may have to transfer to your spouse.   

How You Can Control the Cost of Divorce

We understand that you may be worried about the cost of divorce. For that reason, we work by your side to ensure that you maximize your financial advantage under the law.  In many divorces, it is up to the discretion of the judge to determine who should get what financially. The law has plenty of slack and often states that spouses should pay support in proportion to their relative incomes. Therefore, it is essential to have a trained attorney on your side, representing your case in court.  Many people also wonder whether they can seek attorney’s fees against their spouse. Courts¹ can award attorney fees under certain circumstances.  

Discuss Fees with Your Family Law Attorney

Spouses that don’t qualify for a full or partial award for the cost of divorce still have recourse. One option is to petition the court to receive an advance from their share of the family assets. You can use this money to pay for a quality family law attorney. We understand that paying legal fees for your divorce may stretch your finances too far. For that reason, we will discuss the costs upfront.  

Gain Control of Your Divorce Finances 

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